Hearing all the buzz around all kinds of new projects like DEFI, NFT, UNISWAP, but lacking the time for proper research? We recognize your problem! That’s exactly the reason why our MarketWatch concept has been so successful for such a long period already: we do the work for you.

Delve into our Small Caps Research Service. After numerous requests and very successful results, we decided to expand one of our services. Until now, only available for MarketWatch members, but given the high success rate we decided to make this service also available for a wider audience including you!

Our Small Caps Research Service is the News Letter that allows you to take immediate action without having to do all the research yourself or dig into 50-60 pages of comparable services. Our format summarises and highlight key points with "ready to trade price charts", saving you an enormous amount of time for a very competitive price.

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Successful results

Because this type of research is already successful among our members, our specialists are ready to transfer all their knowledge about Small Caps to a broader target audience. Curious about our success? Check out our recent results.

Years of experience

We have years of experience in which we have gone through various market cycles, this has increased our knowledge about Small Caps and it’s rapidly evolving market conditions. A highly experienced team of researchers conducts fundamental, technical and on chain research, which we pass on to you through our Newsletter and daily slack updates.


We value ethics and believe it is important that all our members receive something unique. To prevent reports from being copied and forwarded to all kinds of “P&D Groups”, all our NewsLetters are transcripted. Upon that, we do not offer sponsored content!

Do you want to use a successful trading strategy? Subscribe yourself for our Small Caps Research Newsletter. Our first trial newsletter is completely free, after that, when you decide to continue, you can subscribe for a bi-weekly newsletter summarising the key aspects we have learned about the projects so you can make a decision immediately. With this concise Newsletter you do not have to read reports for hours before making a decision. Each newsletter contains four to five new upcoming projects we believe are very promising. For each project we collect the most important data and graphics which we share with you.

Let’s start!

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Bi-weekly Newsletter, 4 researched projects, trade set ups.
Fundamental, technical and on chain analysis.

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Newsletter Premium:

Bi-weekly Newsletter

Access to our MarketWatch Slack Workgroup (2 channels) with daily updates on the researched projects. Trade set ups, trade management, new projects and the latest news concerning these projects. You also have to chance to share your own findings, ask feedback from our experienced team and/or discuss with other members.

Memberships for the Premium service start when we launch the 2nd News Letter but when ordering earlier, you will have immediate access to our Slack to discuss with us and our community the 1st News Letter!