Market watch is an online service where we present our view on the crypto market four times a week. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we show our short term thoughts and on Saturday we discuss more fundamentally the “groupcoins” and long term view on cryptos.
This will be presented as a Webinar, where we will discuss an extensive watchlist of coins, possible scenarios, buying and take profit areas for various timeframes.
Besides this unique service, you will get entrance to our exclusive Trader Room on the Slack platform where you will find the following:

* Daily coverage of 60 altcoins (short term trading opportunities,presented by 4 experienced chartists)
* Possibility to send your request for charts
* ICO research (focussed on joining private/pre sale ICO’s in a pool)
* Fundamental research
* Training channel to discuss the topics you learn in the weekly training webinar
* Our accountant for all your tax related questions
* Trading Journal: set up charts and trade together with the team
* Groupcoins: coins which many members are interested, we invest and research groupwise
* All other crypto related topics to be discussed with serious traders from all over the world.

Join Market Watch, trade together with Crypto_Ed and his team and profit from their experience, unique charts and his wide network in the Crypto Scene!

Membership: € 375,- p/month
More months is discount (down to €290,-) and access to a full serie of recorded training webinars.

As we prefer good service above membercount, we have capped the membercount and limited access for new members. Send an Email if you want to know if spots are available.

For more info: