Struggling with current dip in altcoins and you want to avoid it next time? Or being prepared for next bull run?

In a 4 weeks Training course, you will learn all ins and outs and do’s/don’ts in the Crypto Markets.
After this course, you will be able to set up charts like we do, know where to buy, where to take profit and many more. We will turn you into a trader with confidence whom can read the price patterns, knowing what the next moves will be and how to anticipate them.

Some topics which will be discussed in the Live Training Sessions:
* learning classic wave patterns
* charting
* determine bouncing and reversal zones
* anticipating price moves with the help of indicators
* money management
* margin trading
* break out trading
* other trading strategies
* introduction to the Crypto Scene (do’s/don’ts)

In this special concept, you will not only follow a training course (for a fixed fee), but as a bonus you will also have entrance to the exclusive Trader room on Slack as long as you wish! Furthermore you have acces to the Group drive where we gathered a great list of Trading books, Wave Patterns, Candlestick recognition, Video Tutorials and recordings of all trainingsessions.
In the Traderroom you can discuss with us and other members all kinds of stuff related to Crypto Trading; from charting to ICO’s or whatever you want. We will also share our latest charts and give short term signals which should ensure you that the fee you paid, turns into a profit. Experience from the past learned us that how great the concepts is: you are part of a small community of serious traders all getting better together!

Fee for the 4-5 weeks training course: 0,2 BTC Due to the strong BTC prices, we might change the fee for next courses.
Fee for the Traderroom: free lifetime access.

Next training course (English spoken) is planned to start 23-10-2017.

Registration is closed for now. Training courses are combined with our Market Watch nowadays.