It’s time to make profits in Crypto

Did you make profits trading crypto in 2019? We did! Since we started tracking our results in May 2019 our combined result was 272R. What is our secret? Consistency, risk management and a solid trading strategy. Things you will learn to do yourself if you join our service.

So choose a plan and hit that subscribe button! We have a nice discount going on. Check it out.


Grab that coupon code and learn all you need about crypto to become a confident trader yourself.

What you will learn

In short: We are not a signal service. Join us and you will learn the skills to analyze the charts and pick your own trades.

A lot of our members have become consistent and profitable traders.

In 2019, 92 new members joined our group to follow the 3 month training course and a large portion of them felt confident enough to continue trading on their own after these 3 months.

Others stick with us for our trade setups, fundamental research, daily chart updates or just to be part of a mature, serious trading group

On top of this we offer:

  • Daily updates on the major coins and altcoins  
  • Numerous trade setups per week (amount depends on the market conditions)
  • We have over 20 training videos on various trading strategies, techniques and tutorials. 
  • 4 times a week a market watch.  In this live webinar we analyze the most relevant coins. You can request coins but most of all see how we analyze the charts and ask questions about it.
  • And a great slack community where you can ask everything you want. We respond within minutes, not hours.

Our plans

Pick the plan that best suits your needs. To help you, we have compared all the great features. There are no hidden fees, no auto renewals, no small print. We provide an honest service and consider our members as part of our Crypto family.

Plans & Pricing

Auto Renewal

Acces to Slack

Access to Live Market Watch

Market Watch recordings

Training webinars

Fundamental research reports


€195 €150,-
one time

We believe in the quality of our service. Therefore we offer a 1 month trial. 

Unlimited access to our Slack environment, daily market updates (40 pairings), trade set ups, research, training channel and access to our Live MarketWatch webinars

During these 30 days you can already upgrade to a plan of your liking.




a month

On request

Pay in advance and get a 15% discount. 






Pay in advance and get a 12% discount.



€275 €230 

a month

use couPon:

The favourite plan to get the most out of the training course.

Pay in advance and get a 7% discount. The recommended subscription if you want to access and learn everything we offer.



€295 €250

a month



Pay per month. The first payment is authorized by you, the following payments are  automatically collected from your bank account or credit card. You get notified via email every time a payment is due.


The discount is applicable for the first 3 months of your membership until 27-02-2020.
Trial month only applicable for new members but we always advice the full membership with the possibility of refund when cancelling within 15 days. Full membership gives a much better impression what we offer.
Contact us when you are interested in a special offer for 6 or 12 months contracts.

Refund policy

We stand behind our services provided. We will gladly refund if you’re not 100% satisfied with our platform and cancel within 14 days.

We are proud of our statistics

  • 80% of our members value our service as “value for money”. 
  • Over 60% of our members are members for 6 months or longer.
  • Limited slots available (<100) for maximum personal guidance.
  • 7 days per week at your service.
  • Several members became a professional trader after joining our group.
  • Every day we monitor over 50 coins.
  • We have 4 professional team members with a combined trading experience of 40+ years.
  • Officially registered as Training Institute (contact us for corporate conditions).

What people say about us

"Diving into cryptoworld was so exciting, but I’m 100% sure that it is Ed’s and team’s efforts. The main thing that I learnt that trading is like traditional business, needs your full concentration and time. You won’t be able to find such valuable service anywhere, and it’s not only about teaching, learning and charting, it is much more. This is called professionalism, you feel it every time and in every action"

“Thanks for navigating me through the chaos of crypto space! I’m learning everyday by following slack and the webinars. It helped me making a profit almost instantly! That’s was a thrill! It still is by the way..”

“You can feel that Crypto_Ed sincerely wants people to learn and succeed. The webinars are a proof of that. I love how these webinars are both laidback and energetic at the same time!”

“For me the training sessions are perfect. Also , I’m a big fan of the weekly webinars and the discussions about groupcoins. Thanks mate!”

“I used to be in other groups, but this is the first group where the focus is on learning instead of buy/sell targets. I like what Crypto_Ed has done. It’s quality and great value for money.”

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About me

Let me introduce myself. I’m a proud father of two daughters and I live in The Netherlands. Trading and training are both my professions and passions. I’ve been trading for more than 20 years in all sorts of markets (stocks, options, forex) and since 2014 in crypto. 

Crypto had an enormous boost past years, but it’s a highly volatile and therefore challenging market. We all know the bragging posts on Social Media, but the reality is different…. many traders suffer in the current market and/or just don’t get the edge how to become a profitable trader. 

I started to make my best trades when I stopped following calls/signals on Social Media and optimized my own strategy and that’s what I want to teach you! So become a member, learn it yourself while trading with our professional team.