It started as an idea to create a football pool for our trading group, but we took it to the next level!
Crypto Twitter is invited to join our pool, predict the outcome of all football matches, the World Champion, top scorers and more.

Participation is free! All fees to organize this are paid by Crypto_Ed_NL. Updates about the standings and prize winners will be done from @CryptoTANL1.



We selected some Crypto related vendors who were willing to sponsor some prizes.

Prize for the contestant with:

    • Highest end ranking: 1 month free membership Market Watch
    • Winner = Arctic Donkey

    • 2nd highest end ranking: La Metric Bitcoin clock
    • Winner = Bentaylor84

    • 3rd highest end ranking: Nano Ledger
    • Winner = Emiloff

    • 50th place in end ranking: “An Altcoin Traders Handbook” by Nik Patel
    • Winner = Ceezz41

    • 100th place in end ranking: “An Altcoin Traders Handbook” by Nik Patel
    • Winner = Kapitein Geeloog

    • Highest ranking after Group Stage games: Nano Ledger. Winner = Proawk
    • 2nd highest ranking after Group Stage games: BTC Hoodie. Winner = Topuvik
    • 3rd highest ranking after Group stage games: BTC T-shirt. Winner = Daanstegge
    • Random selected winner from the 10 lowest end rankings: Nano Ledger
    • Winner = PrivateHenkie

    • Random selected winner: an interesting book, The Blockchain revolution
    • Winner = Degenbet

    • Random selected winner: Bitcoin Whitepaper Poster
    • Winner = Melvin Durango


Vendors/sponsors who are so kind to provide these prizes:


La Metric Bitcoin clock by by Whitepaper Poster by Altcoin Trader Handbook by Nik PatelBlockchain Revolution by Blocker.nlCrypto Clothing by Crypto Clothing by


Join the pool for free at:

Disclaimer: rules of Scorito will be followed for ranking. No further correspondence about winners/prizes. Participation is completely free, none of the vendors will use your data for future sales actions. Please bear in mind that this pool was a started as a fun project, pls keep it like that. Username should be same as your Twitterhandle so we can contact you in case you won a prize. Pool is supposed for Crypto Twitter, prize winners will be approached via Twitter and should have a Crypto related Twitter handle.