Chart Service

Stop struggling. Start succeeding.

Are you struggling to try and stay afloat in this volatile market? Or lack the time needed to dedicate to charts all day? Both issues are completely understandable and lucky for you; solvable. Our extensive Market Watch is a proven and well-known tool to tackle these matters.

For those who do not need the wide-ranging training routines on Market Watch or who do not feel the urge to follow live webinars, we offer Chart Service. Consider this a ‘Market Watch light”. It is just as convenient, helpful and thorough as the Market Watch. Chart Service is built on our completely unique learning principle.


In Chart Service we present you charts, possible trade setups and updates on 50 cryptocurrencies. 4 of our team members post their coin updates on a daily basis. This gives you a broad and constant view on the general market conditions, expectations and new trades.

  • Daily coverage of 50 cryptocurrencies (large caps, midcaps and promising projects)
  • Explanation of the trade setup for a deeper understanding
  • Daily new trade set ups (including entry, Stop Loss and Take Profit area)
  • Entrance to our exclusive Chart Service Slack channel to chat with other community members or feedback to the team


Quite simple. Trading in cryptocurrencies has changed and evolved in the past years. Due to the entrance of institutional investors, we see a change in patterns. Trading will become more and more dependent on experience and proven Technical Analysis. We combine both. This improves your trading skills and gives you the endurance, enthusiasm and focus you will need without the need to check charts 24/7.

This also provides a back up/guidance for your own charts.
Join Chart Service and trade together with Crypto_Ed and his team. Profit from their experience.

For many of our members, this has been proven to be a successful route towards their personal trading goals.



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